Public offer 

Public Offer


Sales of tickets to cultural and entertainment events

(public offer of “Kontramarka »)     

1. Definition

1. In this document The following terms are used equally in number and plural ( unless otherwise not be of content life and / or determination ) in the following values :                         

1.1. “Agent” – LLC “Kontramarka “, authorized to act on the basis of contracts concluded with the Principal regarding the issuance and sale of tickets for events.              

1.2. ” Reverse ” – removal tickets of order with automatic transfer them in free sale system . Order and not paid in the period of action of the armor , shall be canceled automatically by the end of the Period of action armor ( if otherwise not provided additional information on the website ).                                        

1.3. “Ticket” – a document generated with the use of the automated system of the Agent on the form of “Kontramarka”, which indicates the right of the Buyer to visit ( pass , viewing, listening ) West and contains information about the name , date, time, place of , dedicated to the Buyer place on the west (sector number and other ), the cost of services to visit the West and the amount of the service collection , and also additional information of legal or technical nature.                                                  

1.4. ” Electronic Ticket” – a document generated with the use of an automated system Agent on paper or electronic medium , which indicates the right of the Buyer to visit ( pass , viewing, listening ) West, which contains a bar code number of the order , information about the name , date, place holding the West dedicated to the Buyer place in the West (sector number and other ), the cost of services to visit the West and the amount of the service collection , and also additional information of legal or technical nature. The availability of the service for generating an Electronic ticket is regulated by the Organizer of the West and / or the Agent and depends on the possibility of using an automated access control system in the venue of the West based on reading a barcode and / or the possibility of obtaining a ticket directly at the point / points of sale in the venue of the West before the start of the West according to the terms of this Offer .                                                                                                    

1.5. “Reservation” – an Order has been generated , which is in the waiting mode for payment by the Buyer .            

1.6. ” Period of action armor ” – the period of time from the date of registration of order until the fulfillment of the payment order , established by the Agent in the system for each of the West alone , for which Tickets are included in the Order , are not available for use by other parties, except the Purchaser of this Order for the entire Period of action armor .                                          

1.7. ” Order ” – one or several tickets to one West , selected by the Buyer from the System and united in the System by a single identification number.                    

1.8. ” West ” – cultural and entertainment event , is also a theater performance, a circus presentation , concert, exhibition , film screening , festival, show, fashion show, sports competition , tour , and also any other event , a visit to which is possible only after the sight “phenomenon a special document – a ticket and / or an electronic ticket.                                     

1.9. ” The organizer of the event” – a legal person an individual entrepreneur , who has the right to carry out the organization and carrying out the West on the basis of the relevant contracts .                   

 1.10. “Offers” – this contract for the sale of tickets for cultural and entertainment events ( Public offer of LLC “Kontramarka”), published at the email address and / or is available at the buyer’s request in points of sale of tickets .                         

1.11. ” Buyer ” – an individual or legal entity, uses the services of an agent for booking and issuing tickets on the terms of compliance with this Offer .                    

1.12. ” The recipient of the ticket” – physical person authorized by the Buyer to obtain the acquired customer ticket, and also , and it has the right to hold an exchange of e- ticket at the ticket in accordance with the terms of the Offer .                        

1.13. “Principal” event – a legal entity or individual entrepreneur , who instructs the Agent to take over the obligation to sell tickets buyers .                 

1.14. ” Service fee ” – money means , that additionally charged with the Buyer during the implementation of tickets for granted the Agent services of reservation and registration of tickets , is inextricably linked with the sale procedure of tickets for using System Agent. The size of the service of collecting for each Kvitka is a certain percentage of the cost of services , specified on the ticket, usually – 10% (ten percent ), but in individual cases may be calculated in the amount , individually prescribed by the Agent.                                                          

1.15. “System” – an automated information system of LLC “Kontramarka” – a software package designed for booking tickets , which consists of a web- portal and an intra-office system for automating business processes , which meets the requirements for protection against unauthorized access, identification , recording and the preservation of all transactions with tickets (including those electronic ticket), and also provides with the filling Kvitka form (including those of the electronic ticket) and release Kvitka (including those of the electronic ticket) preservation of the unique series and ticket numbers ( including an electronic ticket ).                                                              

1.16. “Subagent” – a legal person, an individual entrepreneur or a natural person performing the sale of ticket buyers on the basis of the concluded Agent contracts for the sale of tickets to various events. The rules of this Offer for such agreements are valid, unless otherwise stated in the agreement between the Agent and the subagents.                                   

1.17. “Point of Sale” – the box office and web sites on the Internet for the sale of tickets for both the Agent and the Agent’s subagents .            

2. General provisions

2.1. This offers regulates the conditions and procedures for the sale of tickets , as well as the rights and obligations , that arise in connection with this the Agent and the Purchaser .                    

2.2. The sale of tickets to the Buyer , including electronic tickets , is carried out exclusively on the terms of this offer and only in the case of full and unconditional acceptance of the terms of this offer by the Buyer (acceptance of the Offer ). Partial acceptance, as well as acceptance on other terms, is NOT allowed .                                     

2.3. If the buyer do not accept in full the amount of conditions of the offer , sale of tickets , including those of electronic tickets , not made. Purchased by the Buyer tickets are not may be returned , including those in the event of failure of the Buyer on the basis of the disagreement of the Buyer with the terms of the Offer upon acceptance of its conditions and Kvitka payment. Return of funds for purchased Buyer Tickets possible only on the terms and conditions , established by this Offer.                                                       

2.4. When purchasing tickets at the Agent’s legal person payment of tickets is made legal person only for help transferring funds to the settlement account of the Agent on the basis of the account , which is set by the Agent.                         

2.5. The agent has the right to make changes in this Offer, but any which case such changes are published in a timely manner and are in the general access to the network the Internet and in retail outlets. The Buyer’s use of the Agent’s services after the introduction of changes to the text of the Offer means acceptance of the Offer , taking into account the changes made .                                        

2.6. Terms of this offer is valid for Customers , which is carried out payment through the Internet site of exhibition, and at points of sale, and not depend on the form of payment.                

2.7. The agent has the right to terminate the Offer at any any time without prior communication of the Buyer in the event of violations of the latest conditions of the Offer and other regulations.                    

2.8. This Offer becomes effective from the date of its posting on the Agent’s website and is valid indefinitely .              

3. Subject of the OFFER

3.1. The subject of this Offer is to provide Buyer Services with reservation , registration , sale and delivery ( the latter – for an additional fee, which is charged more than the amount of the Service collect ) tickets to the event on the terms and conditions , provided that the Offer ( hereinafter referred to as – Services ).                                  

3.2. The agent does not bear responsibility for the actions of the Principal and / or the Organizer of the event and / or third parties for the sale of tickets , which are on its behalf and / or on behalf of the Principal and Organizer of the event, as well as for the organization and the fact of the West.                                

3.3. Accordance with the provisions of the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of personal data » № 2297-VI of 01.06.2010, the Buyer acknowledges and agrees with the provision of the Agent and / or sub-agents of their personal data , and equivalent to these and the personal data of third parties , referred to by the Buyer , that obtained by the Agent in the process of registration of Kvitka ( Order ), and it is : last name , first name , gender, contact phone number, city , shipping address (in the case of services for the delivery of tickets ) and address of the e- mail address . The processing of personal data of the Buyer is carried out in accordance with legislation of Ukraine . the buyer gives the agent the right to process his personal data in connection with the provision of the buyer services , due to this Offer, including those in the order of receipt by the Purchaser of advertising messages on the event , tickets are sold by the Agent. in connection with the fact , that the processing of personal data The Buyer is carried out in connection with the performance of a contract concluded on the condition In this offer , the Buyer’s consent to the processing of his personal data is NOT required . The term of use of the provided personal data is unlimited . Buyer guarantee and bears responsibility for the fact that the data , specified in the Order , is voluntarily provided by them and third parties using the design Kvitka, and all the faces are familiar and agree with the Offer.                                                                                                                                                                           


4.1. This offer is considered the main document in the official relationship between the Buyer and the Agent for the purchase and sale of tickets . Adoption Purchaser this Offer carried out by sequential commit Buyer actions , specified in Sec. 4.3 of the Offer (acceptance Offer ). The acceptance by the Buyer of this offer is carried out voluntarily and is tantamount to the conclusion of a written agreement (clause 2 of article 642 of the Civil Code of Ukraine ).                                                

4.2. By the implementation of the acceptance of the Offer The buyer has to be sure , that all the conditions of this offer it clear and he accepts them unconditionally and in full volume .                        

4.3. The acceptance of this offer by the Buyer is carried out by successively performing the following actions :           

a) contacting the Point of Sale and / or accessing the Internet site of the Agent and / or subagents and / or calling the Contact Center of the Agent and / or subagents;                

b) selection of a specific West and category of Kvitka / s from those available at the time of the Buyer’s request ;           

c) familiarization with the terms of this Offer ;      

d) to familiarize with the age restrictions specific Function , as well as to provide a contact telephone number, address e- mail address , name , and the name of the recipient of the electronic ticket, and for the conditions of registration of delivery Kvitka / s – Address and time of delivery.                           

4.4. After the implementation of all operations , specified in paragraph 4.3 of the Offer , the Purchaser , in dependence on the selected method for acquiring the Ticket: Kvitka or electronic ticket, conducts the payment order in accordance with the selected Buyer method acquisition with respective to such a method purchase payment method in time , provided payment rules for a specific West.                                        

4.5. After fulfillment of payment order The buyer or receives a ticket yourself at points of sales or by the design of its delivery (on a separate charge), or self- print electronic ticket, or performs recording of the electronic ticket in the memory of a technical device, which belongs to the Buyer on the conditions , that such a device permits the possibility of demonstrating the document for control ( scanning ) by the access control system in the venue of the West.                                                 

4.5.1. When ordering tickets on using Internet -sites or contact the Agent Center and / or sub-agents to the Buyer is informed ( or sent sms-message to a contact phone number and / or e- mail address) identification number order , which Purchaser is obliged to inform ( sometimes together with their name and the name , if such exists) when getting a ticket in the Point of sales or when receiving Kvitka with his delivery . When circulation in the point of sales receipt Kvitka carried out on site or carried out his delivery in the specified Purchaser address . The cost of delivery order of its implementation , as well as other essential information , which relates to the delivery of tickets , available on the Website Agent and is an integral part of the Offer .                                                                                             

4.5.2. According to the provisions of paragraph 4.5 of the Offer The buyer can receive e- ticket using his sending agent on the specified Purchaser address e- mail . Sending an electronic ticket is carried out only on the conditions of implementation of the Buyer commitments on full pay the cost of the electronic ticket and service acquisition (in the case of collection service collect ).                                             

5. Procedure for making payments

5.1. The buyer has the right to carry out the payment of tickets all that with the methods , proposed by the Agent, information about which is located on the site of the Agent and / or sub-agents, point of sale and / or reported in the Contact center of the Agent.                           

5.2. The payment is recognized as made by the Buyer at the moment of confirmation of a successful transaction by the bank or payment system or at the moment of receipt of funds at the cash desk of the Point of Sale.                    

5.3. In the case of payment order bank card on web -sites of the Agent and / or sub-agents and points of sales agents and / or subagents, buyer is obliged to use a bank card issued in the name of the Purchaser . Simultaneously with this the cashier at the Point of sale of tickets has a right to demand of the Buyer the original documents , that certify the identity of the Purchaser .                                             

5.4. The electronic ticket may be received by the Purchaser only for the conditions of formation of Order yourself the buyer directly to the website of the Agent and subagents and the payment order is only for using a bank card or other non-cash way, information about which is given on the website of the Agent.                                   

5.5. After paying for the order in accordance with clause 5.2 of this Offer, the Order is considered sold and the Buyer has the right to visit the West .                 

5.6. In case of non-payment or partial payment for the order during the Booking validity period , the Order is considered unsold and canceled .                


6.1. According to the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Rights consumers ” from 12.05.1991 g .. number 1023-XII ( with changes and additions ), and instructions for conducting the ticket economy in theatrical entertainment facilities , cultural and educational institutions, approved by Order of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine from 07.07. 1999 .. number 452, the return means for tickets to events held by the Principal and / or the Organizer only in cases of cancellation ( cancel ) the event. The Principal and / or the Organizer returns to the Buyer only the nominal value of the ticket, which returns t the Service acquisition and the cost of additional services to the Principal is not carried out, as well as to be refunded the cost of Delivery of tickets , if service Shipping was further ordered by the Buyer . The Agent does not bear any responsibility for the timeliness and completeness of the Principal’s return of funds to the Buyers .                                                                                            

6.2. In case if the Principal and / or the initiator of the West authorized agent on the implementation of the return of cash funds to customers , that purchased a ticket for a canceled event , Buyer agrees to consult with the message on the email address and give consent to the processing of personal data of the Buyer .                                      

6.3. The procedure for the return of cash funds to the Buyer in accordance with para. 6.1. this offer :           

6.3.1. The return of cash funds to the Buyer in the event of a payment order ( ticket ) cash funds occurs after providing full information by the Purchaser to the email address Complete information is of a photo and / or scan- copy of the ticket ( tickets ), registration number registration card of the payer of taxes on the data of the State Register of natural persons – payers of taxes (TIN) of the person, bank details of the recipient , which is drawn , as well as a copy of a document that confirms personality.                                                              

6.3.2. The return of funds to the Buyer in case of payment for the Order ( tickets ) by non – cash method (by credit card) occurs after the Buyer has provided full information to the email address Full information consists of: electronic flower , receipt of a successful payment of the registration number registration card of the payer of taxes on the data of the State Register of natural persons – payers of taxes (TIN) of the person, as well as a copy of a document that confirms the person.                                                          

6.4. The return of funds in accordance with the terms of this Offer for the Tickets purchased by the Buyer is carried out only for Tickets purchased at points of sale or on the Agent’s website , if this place of return is indicated in the official letter of the Principal and / or the Organizer of the West in accordance with clause 6.1. of this Offer .                                       


7.1. The buyer has the right:   

7.1.1. Independently from open sources direct inquiries about the price of tickets to the event and service services of other official ticket operator when making decisions about the purchase of tickets from the Agent.                       

7.1.2. Receive information about the rules of the sale of tickets , the existing categories of tickets and other information with respect to M eropriyaty , which owns the Agent in the framework of its powers , with the use of a network the Internet , call the Contact Center Agent and other ways listed on the Internet site of the Agent. At the same time, the Agent has the right to refuse the Buyer in booking and / or selling tickets without giving any reason .                                                 

7.1.3. Choose a payment method from Kvitka offered by the Agent on the Agent’s website and / or points of sale . In this case, the Buyer is obliged to independently familiarize himself with the rules for using this or that payment method.                        

7.1.4. Send feedback on the work of the Agent to the contacts indicated on the site .       

7.1.5. According to their choice to purchase a ticket or e- ticket to the West , if the opportunity to purchase an electronic ticket for a West allowed the Principal and / or the organizer of the West and the said agent on the Site Agent.                          

7.1.6. The buyer has the right to refuse from the purchase of tickets from the Agent until fulfillment of the payment order according to the conditions, which stipulated that the Offer. Such refusal will entail the termination of all obligations of the Agent to the Buyer .                          

7.2. The buyer is obliged :   

7.2.1. Detail acquainted with all the rules of buying tickets and conditions of the Offer and take them with the implementation of Kvitka purchase, and also all the additional rules that govern the relationship of the Parties in accordance with this Offer .                             

7.2.2. At registration of the order to provide correct , accurate and complete information about yourself. Buyer acknowledges , that he bears full responsibility for the data , which are reported to the Agent. Buyer acknowledges , that do not have any claims to the Agent incorrectly issued by the Buyer with the use of internet -sites Agent Order , since he is not convinced in its correctness at the time of committing registration .                                                    

7.2.3. Pay in full the amount of the value of issued Order before so as to issue the following order .              

7.2.4. In the case of purchase of a ticket for using the Internet -sites Agent conditions of payment by non-cash transfer of monetary funds for the Order without registration service for delivery, refer to the points of sale agent not later than the date of the West to obtain Kvitka. At the time of contacting the receipt of the Ticket, inform the identification number of the Order , as well as present a document that certifies the identity of the Buyer or the Receiver of the Ticket. Presentation of the document is necessary to exclude possible fraudulent transactions . In case , if the buyer or recipient of the ticket did not make timely exchange of the electronic ticket to the ticket for reasons beyond the control of the Agent The agent recognizes the fact , that duly fulfilled its obligations , provided that the Offer. The Buyer does NOT have the right to make claims to the Agent in case of non-receipt of the Ticket to give the West for reasons beyond the control of the Agent.                                                                                                     

7.3. The agent has the right:   

7.3.1. Require the Buyer to comply with the entire procedure for placing / paying for the Order in accordance with the rules set forth in this Offer .               

7.3.2. If the Buyer refuses to accept this offer on the conditions set forth in it , refuse the Buyer to sell Kvitka to him and provide services .                   

7.3.3. Cancel reservations that / or order of the Buyer , if the Buyer is more than 2 ( two ) of unpaid armor and / or tendering for one (1) calendar month .                     

7.3.3. At any time produce a modification of any of which software to ensure system agents, including Internet -sites, to suspend the operation of software tools , which provide the functioning of the site, while the detection of significant faults , mistakes and failures , and also in view of the preventive work and prevent cases of unauthorized access to the site.                                        

7.3.4. To establish and change tariffs on their services in a unilateral manner and in any that time.            

7.3.5. Include the Order in the price and collect the Service Fee from the Buyer . The cost of delivery of tickets is paid separately .                 

7.3.6. Require from Buyer full payment Kvitka or electronic ticket before so as to carry out the sale of Kvitka.            

7.3.7. Cancel the executed order , if it will NOT paid in the period of the action of your armor . A canceled Order can NOT be restored for a second payment, except by creating a new Order by the Buyer .                             

7.3.8. When non-compliance by the Buyer of any of which a points offer to refuse it in the future provision of services .               

7.4. The agent is obliged :   

7.4.1. Provide the Buyer :   

necessary information on specific measures;    

the necessary information about the date , place and time of return funds for purchased tickets to the event of the cancellation of the West. The basis for providing such information is an official letter from the Principal and / or the Organizer of the event;                         

instructions for registration / payment / receipt of the Ticket. Comprehensive information is also considered the information that the Agent publishes on the website and provides to the Point of Sale and the Agent’s cash registers .                   

7.4.2. Do not use the personal data of the Buyer for the unauthorized distribution of materials , that do not relate to the execution order .                 

8. Responsibility

8.1. In the case of non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of their obligations , provided that the Offer, the Parties bear responsibility in accordance with the laws of Ukraine and conditions of the Offer .                        

8.2. The responsibility of the Agent to the Buyer is limited to the function of organizing and implementing interaction between the Principal (and / or the Organizer ) and the Buyer for the purpose of selling tickets .                  

8.3. The agent does not bear responsibility before the Buyer for the return of money funds for the purchased by the Buyer tickets at the abolition of the spectacular events, but also at the refusal of the Buyer from visiting entertainment events to its beginning. Responsibility for the return of monetary funds to the Buyer when the abolition of the spectacular event, and also at the refusal of the Buyer by visiting the event in his early carries Organizer spectacular event.                                                  

8.4. The agent does not bear responsibility for the mismatch provided by the Principal Service expectations of the Purchaser and / or its subjective assessment :                

– inconsistency of the entertainment event with the Buyer’s expectations ,      

– for placing on the ground in the hall under the time of the spectacular event,          

– for the part of the artists / actors , who are taking part in the spectacular event ,          

– due to improper fulfillment by the Organizer / Principal of the event of its obligations to provide reliable and timely information about the entertainment event ,                

– the proper and timely public display of the spectacular event,       

– according to the results of intellectual activity and / or means of individualization , information and / or advertising materials ( photographs , drawings , etc. (works), other objects of copyright , related , and / or patent law) are transferred to the Agent by the Event Organizer for the purpose of announcing a spectacular event by the Agent and the sale of tickets for such entertainment events that may violate the copyright and / or related and / or intellectual rights of third parties .                                                     

Tips and recommendations , submitted to the Purchaser , and not can be considered as a guarantee .           

From the moment of purchase of the ticket by the Buyer, all rights and obligations for tickets arise directly between the Organizer of the event and the Buyer .              

8.5. Buyer takes over all the possible business risks , associated with his actions on the assumption of errors and inaccuracies in the provided them of their personal data .                      

8.6. The agent does not bear responsibility for any that damages and moral damages incurred by the Buyer in the result of erroneous understanding or misunderstanding them information about the order of registration / payment order , as well as obtaining and use of the Services .                              

8.7. Parties are exempt from liability for complete or partial failure to fulfill their obligations on this Offer, if such failure was the result of circumstances of insuperable force (force- majeure circumstances ), that is extraordinary and unavoidable circumstances , which arose against the will and desires of the Parties , and which they could not prevent , avoid or provide for . By the circumstances of irresistible force , in particular , include : natural phenomena ( earthquakes , floods , fires , etc.), the circumstances of social life ( the military action , emergency status , explosions , strikes, acts of riots and protests , epidemic , including those restrictions in connection with the risk COVID-19 and / or other viruses ), actions and decisions of state bodies authorities , which include solutions for anti- virus COVID-19 and / or other viruses , prohibiting measures of public authorities (prohibition of transportation , foreign exchange restrictions , international sanctions ban on trade and so on. p.), crashes , that arise in the telecommunications and energy networks. During this time, the parties do not have mutual claims , and each of the Parties takes over your risk of the consequences of force majeure circumstances .                                                                                                                                                               

8.8. The agent does not bear responsibility for the performance and / or security information channel connection , which is used by the Buyer for the treatment to Internet -sites Agent, as well as for the preservation of information , including those of the electronic ticket received by the Purchaser in accordance with the terms of the Offer .                                   

8.9. All complaints or claims related to this Offer, shall be stated in a written form within ten (10) calendar days from the date of their occurrence . After the end of the specified term of the claim be considered agents not to be .                                


9.1. When purchasing an electronic ticket buyer in any where the event undertakes to inform his real address e- mail , telephone, but also indicate their name and the name of the recipient Kvitka (in separate cases, passport data , if there are such requirements in accordance with the laws of Ukraine and / or the Principal and / or Organizer ). In case of failure to provide such information ( valid adr ECA e- mail address , phone number, name and the name of the Purchaser and Recipient Kvitka, passport data ), as well as in case of false or invalid information, the Agent shall be entitled to refuse the buyer to purchase an electronic ticket.                                                                              

9.2. Buyer accepts and agrees with the fact , that it is in full measure bears responsibility for the message of false or invalid e- mail addresses .                      

9.3. Electronic ticket is sent to the Buyer on his electronic mail address only on the condition of compliance by Buyer conditions of the Offer for payment cost of the electronic ticket and the service collection (in case , if the service fee is charged ).                               

9.4. The buyer is obliged to yourself and for your account to carry out printing of the electronic ticket. When implementing print e- ticket buyer has to make sure in an appropriate quality printing e- tickets. In case of failure or improper performance of duties , established this point, the Purchaser the full extent bears the responsibility for such actions ( inaction ), including including in the event of failure by the Principal / organizer of the West in the aisle on the west . The agent does not bear responsibility for any that losses , which arise in the Purchaser , in the event of violation of the conditions of this paragraph, in connection with the fact , that the agent is not a party to the contractual provision of services , related to the conduct of the West.                                                                                       

9.5. The Buyer has the right, if this is allowed by the Principal and / or the Organizer of the West and is indicated by the Agent at the time of issuing an electronic ticket on the Agent’s website , when passing to the West, to present an Electronic ticket, which is stored in the memory of the technical device that belongs to the buyer , according to the conditions , that such a device allows for the possibility of a demonstration instrument for monitoring ( scan ) of the access control system in place of the West.                                                

9.6. The purchaser alone bears the responsibility for the preservation and protection of the electronic ticket from the copy . In case of copying an electronic ticket, access to the West will be opened after the ticket that was presented first.                          

9.7. The owner of the electronic ticket, whose personal data is recorded in the Electronic ticket ( buyer or recipient of the ticket), by agreement with the Agent has the right to appeal to the point of sale before the Agent of the West to obtain Kvitka ( instead of e- tickets) on the basis of a document that certifies the person. In the case of exchange of the Purchaser / Recipient ticket electronic ticket on the ticket date or on the day of the West, the buyer / recipient of the ticket loses its right to carry out a passage to the West of the electronic ticket. In this case, the passage to the West will be carried out only by tickets.                                                                    


10.1. Disputes , that arise during the implementation of the agreement to the conditions of this offer , are solved with mandatory observance of the claim procedure. Claim supplied to the Agent in written form with the application documents , which substantiate the proposed requirements in a period of not more than ten (10) calendar days from the date of occurrence of the reasons for the dispute . The claim , which was admitted , treated by the Agent in a period not more than ten (10) calendar days .                                                       

10.2. When it is impossible to achieve agreement , disputes , which have arisen , be subject to review in the manner prescribed by the current legislation of Ukraine .                  

10.3. For all other issues , and not provided for by this Offer, the Parties are guided by the current legislation of Ukraine .              


11.1 By agreeing to this Offer, the Buyer provides his personal data , as well as his consent to their processing .                 

11.2. The purpose of processing personal data is to fulfill the terms of this Offer .          

11.3. The list of personal data for the processing of which the Buyer gives his consent :           

surname , name , by the father ;     

date of birth ;  

passport data ;  

individual tax number.  

11.4. The list of actions with personal data on the fulfillment of which the buyer gives consent : collecting , systematization , accumulation , storage , clarification ( update , change ), use , dissemination (including including transmission), depersonalization , blocking , destruction of personal data . These actions can be carried out in the following ways: in documentary , electronic , orally .                                                    

11.5. In order to implement the state policy in the field of personal data protection and in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On the protection of personal data ” No. 2297-VI dated 01.06.2010, the Parties have the right to transfer the received personal data , both as part of the database and separately , to third parties only to fulfill the conditions of the Offer and / or the date of receipt of a request from a third person ( supervisory authorities), and that the other party, in this case , not will qualify and be entitled to any remuneration and other types of compensation . This agreement , provided naya Party in light of the requirements of Art. 7, Art. 8 and 11 of the Law of Ukraine “On the Protection of Personal Data ”                                                                                   

No. 2297-VI dated 01.06.2010. And it is valid indefinitely and without restrictions on the territory of action           


12.1. The Official Offer becomes effective from the date of its posting on the Agent’s website and is valid indefinitely . The provisions of this clause also apply to additions ( changes ) to this Offer .                        


13.1. A confidentiality regime is established for the implementation of this Agreement . For confidential information refers any technical , financial , marketing information agents, as well as information , which is a commercial secret agent and / or its customers / counterparties , and also any information , the disclosure of which could lead to the emergence in the agent losses or other negative consequences . For confidential information also applies to information on the counterparty agent, as well as other information of third and / or of third persons , the disclosure of which may cause damage to the AGENT, or on which the AGENT set limit .                                                                                

13.2. All information about the activities of PRINCIPAL or corporately connected with them persons , and also the one that is received from the principal, or become known or may become known in the result of the implementation of this Agreement shall be kept agents in strict confidentiality for the term of the action of this Treaty. After the end of the term of action of Agreement AGENT undertakes within 10 (ten) years from the date of conclusion of this Agreement shall not disclose any confidential information , obtained them from the principal, any which other third parties, enterprises , institutions , organizations of all forms of ownership and subordination , and not use the specified information for their own benefit , except for the use of such information in accordance with the subject of this agreement.                                                                                           

13.3. The AGENT under this Agreement will be responsible for:     

a) deliberately and unintentionally disclosure / publication or use of confidential information ;           

b) unauthorized disclosure / disclosure or use of confidential information by persons who work or have worked in the agents on the basis of a labor agreement (contract), civil -pravovogo contract or on another basis , if it is NOT possible to save this information with the same high level of care , which he adhered to reasonable limits regarding his confidential information of similar importance ;                                                  

c) other breaches of confidentiality under this Agreement.      

13.4. Any disclosure of confidential information, any of which party to this Treaty is possible only on the condition of the previous written consent of PRINCIPAL or agents.                   

13.5. The information stated in this Agreement is confidential information .         

13.6. By signing this Agreement (and any that other documents , which are integral parts of this Agreement) the Parties provide consent to the further processing of any which way, including , but not limited to consent to the collection , recording , accumulation , storage , adaptation , change , restoration , use , dissemination (including including implementation , transfer , etc. ), depersonalization , and the destruction of personal data , provided by the parties to each other to fulfill the conditions of this agreement (and any that other documents , which are integral parts of this contract), with the aim of realization of the state policy in the field of personal data protection and in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On the protection of personal data ” No. 2297-VI dated 01.06.2010, the Parties have the right to transfer the received personal data , both as part of the database and separately , to third parties, only to fulfill the conditions of this Of the Agreement and / or from the date of receipt of the request from the third his person, and that the other party in such a case , and will not claim and be entitled to any What kind of remuneration and other type of compensation . This agreement , provided the Party with a view of the requirements of Art. 7, Art. 8 and Art. 11 of the Law of Ukraine “On the Protection of Personal Data ” No. 2297-VI dated 01.06.2010. And it is valid indefinitely and without restrictions on the territory of action .